Community and Industry partnerships
that matter.

Helping children reach their full potential, one breakfast at a time.

Taking a step towards nourishing children, so they have an equal chance to learn, grow and reach their full potential. 

BCC Impact in BC

Leading Industry Partnerships with B.C. Farmers.

Visit the BC Egg website to explore the world of BC egg farming and meet the local farmer families.

Meet the Farmers

Egg Farmer Partners

Farmer partnerships allow us to work towards supporting local egg farmers while promoting ethical farming practices in the egg farming industry. 

Community Partners

Our partnership with the local egg organization ensures that we are providing only the best and the freshest eggs sourced from local BC egg producers to our consumers.  

Canadian Egg Industry Partners

Working closely with leading industry associations and regulatory committees, we ensure that eggs graded in our facility meet the highest quality standards. 

Our Partners from Farm to Table

We’re proud to be a part of L. H. Gray & Son network that services all aspects of the egg market across Canada and worldwide.

Meet the Farmers.

Learn about the local B.C. egg farmers.